e-Learning authoring is undertaken to support the creation or customisation of content that would typically (but not exclusively) be used to develop online learning programs in conjunction with the LRI Virtual Campus. A range of styles and approaches from low cost but engaging rapid content development to more complex multimedia based approaches are available to suit the style, subject matter, expertise and intended student audience. Download our datasheet Ask us about our Content Development Specialist areas as well as core, bespoke content development work include:

Induction Blended Learning Design and Development

Induction programmes are such significant drains on an organisation’s L&D and operational management resources – yet they are so critical. Late inductions, poor inductions, or no inductions at all. All par for the course.

So much of an induction process can be suitable for conversion to e-learning and blended learning journeys. Over the years we have developed impressive and widely admired models for transforming corporate and organisational induction; saving time, money and most vitally, improving the first impressions created by your organisation to all important new arrivals.

Curriculum Conversion

Taking your original Curriculum or Qualification materials (course notes, handouts, slides, study materials) and digitising elements of them to form virtual study materials at varying levels of interactivity and assessment forms is a staple process for us here at LRI.

Projects include:

  • Converting 200 hours of leadership training materials into a Diploma
  • Taking 300 hours of a Highway Maintenance HND into a virtual journey
  • Converting Apprenticeship learning for Hair and Beauty, Alternative medicine, Anatomy and Physiology & Light Vehicle Maintenance.
  • Converting 250 hours of material into an on line Diploma in Business Administration.
Operations Manual Training

Production lines, operating processes for machinery, storage and warehousing procedures, food preparation and Health and safety; operating manuals, SOP’s and Workbooks exist for so many things. Reach and control more with the same capacity by talking to us about how we can transform more traditional methods – e-learning can become a teaching aid for group facilitation in these circumstances, as well as an additional self development and skills and knowledge assessment process.