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This course will help improve your understanding and decision-making in relation to fraud and theft, money laundering and terrorist financing.Launch Course Demo »

This course covers how to identify hazards in the workplace and how to write a risk assessment.Launch Course Demo »

Looking at maintaining health and safety standards in the work place, along with the roles and responsibilities according to approved codes of practice, guidance and regulations for health.Launch Course Demo »

Our wide range of engaging and interactive courses provide the perfect foundation for your organisation’s learning requirements. The library holds an extensive range of courses covering topics such as Onboarding, Compliance, Health & Safety and welfare issues, plus a range of personal development skills including strategic management, coaching & mentoring and change management.

Delivering absorbing learning in a style that suits your learners’ needs that will keep them engaged until the course is complete.

We are constantly adding courses to our library, and we review content on a regular basis to ensure that our library is up-to-date. If you can’t find what you need on the course list, we can work with you to develop new courses to suit your needs.

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