Building your learning journey

Learning Zone is an established Learning Management System (LMS) which helps you realise your current and future learning needs. This scalable system provides comprehensive functionality across all aspects of delivering, monitoring and supporting training and learning activities – not only eLearning but all elements of learning.

The way that training and learning is delivered has changed – gone are the days when everything is face to face, learners and trainers alike are time poor, and learning needs to be fitted around everyday commitments.

LRI enable you to create the perfect learning pathway by tailoring content for each learner, putting everything they need in one place – so it is simple for them to use, and easy for you to push learning to them and monitor progress. All learners get their information from the same source so you can manage courses more easily if you need to update anything – this also reduces the risk of losing data as there is a central backup.

LRI’s Learning Zone means you can:
• Centralise your learning resources
• Easily track learner progress and performance
• Reduce L&D costs
• Reduce L&D time
• Keep organisations up-to-date with compliance regulations – one single point to update
• Deliver a scalable solution
• Integrate social learning experiences
• Learn on the platform of your choice, be that PC, tablet or android device
• Manage courses that are on the learner’s pathway – whether mandatory, “pushed” or CPD and additional learning
• Manage courses and events
• Monitor and report on learner activity
• Deliver blended learning management for all types of activity
• Suit your current and future needs
• Brand the site to integrate with your own organisation’s look and feel
• Integrate into your own HR system for optimum reporting
• Populate with your choice of our pre-written courses and suites or create your own
• Speak to our UK based support team
• Create a learning journey that includes everything a learner needs, all in one place – from courses, presentations, video content and documents – all tailored exactly for the learner.
Our adaptable, flexible and secure system will deliver what you need. We are here to help you on your learning journey – every step of the way.

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