For training companies

Shop4Learning is our e-commerce eLearning platform which is simple to use, easy to update and is “ready to go”.

Using this platform it is easy to open your own online store, with your own branding and your own courses, without the hassle of looking after servers, managing software and other technical worries. You don’t need to be an expert in coding or websites, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Shop4Learning is built with the simple structure of a catalogue, which is sub-divided into one or more categories or topics making the navigation to the courses very easy. It’s really up to you how you organise the material you offer, whilst setting your own prices.

Any courses may be included, providing they are either SCORM or AICC compliant.

Out of the box solution

The output is beautiful, however you view it – PC, tablet or android device.  We will continually upgrade with all the latest features and best practices for the optimum user experience. You can expand your business without massive overheads using our scalable, all-in-one solution.


All purchase payments will be via PayPal to offer your customers peace of mind and security, in addition to the benefits of paying by a major credit card.

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